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Jingo Wobbly Topo Guide - Avignon Soleil - Jingo
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Jingo Wobbly Topo Guide - Avignon Soleil - Jingo

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This is a very new book - just published in 2006, to the magnificent climbing region in the South of France. The whole area has over 50 superb climbing cliffs, and is to the North and East of Avignon. This region surrounds Mont Ventoux, at nearly 2000m, and is a climber's delight.

The best feature for this area is that the climbing is of all standards, and will suit beginners up to experts. If you are only climbing UK severe, then there is plenty here to enjoy, which is unlike a lot of other European climbing venues. Because of this, the area is popular, but there are so many different cliffs to go around, it is never a problem. The mid-grade routes of sport 6a-6c are wonderful, and can be very challenging. For the 7a upwards climber, there is plenty here to do with some out there Verdonesque - walls, as well as steep and overhanging tufa crags.

The title of this book sums up the weather around Avignon, sunny with clear blue skies. It is only in the month of July that it becomes too hot to climb in the afternoon - this said, the mornings are very good and dry, but you do need an early start. Ideal to combine with a family holiday since many campsites have good swimming pools. The chilling Mistral wind is likely to blow in Spring and Autumn, so the clear blue skies allow full sunshine to filter through, whilst the wind keeps the temperature down to a moderate and enjoyable 25 degrees. This winter is cool, but you often get sunny days, and there is a nice selection of south facing cliffs to keep the t-shirt packed away as you bask in winter sunshine.

The layout of this book has many new design features that are only found in Jingo Wobbly guidebooks, and will really help anyone on a first visit to this area. We use colour throughout the guidebook, showing the routes from easy to hard - as like in skiing, blue-red-black. We use standard European sport grades that are common in all indoor climbing walls, but we also add a technical move grade for all climbs - that directly corresponds with the UK technical grade system. This will help any UK climber know what they are starting up, and how hard the bloc crux is likely to be.

The main airports are NIMES - 30 mins, and MARSEILLE - 1 hour. It is easy to find accomodation, and the guidebook has all the important information on how to sort it all out.

All of the topos are in full colour and include the latest in grahic design techniquies. This allows us to illustrate many parts of a cliff that would not be seen by a photo, and enhance the parts which climbers will look for when finding a particular route. All difficulties are colour coded in the same advancing colours as skiing & Fontainebleau. All icons used are explained in international languages

JINGO WOBBLY BOOKS - COPYRIGHT: All the photographs in our books are copyrighted, along with all the text and topo drawings. We visit all the cliffs included in our books, and make all the topo drawings ourselves by hand.

+ 320 pages, 210mm x 151mm
+ Main languages: English & French
+ Introduction languages: French, English, German
+ 119 Topo diagrams - for around 1500 routes
+ 200 Colour photos - 37 different cliffs

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