JM Verlag - Écrins 4102m, 7 voies pour le Dôme et la Barre

JM Verlag - Écrins 4102m, 7 voies pour le Dôme et la Barre
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Écrins 4102m

7 routes to the Dome and the Barre

Every year, hundreds of mountaineers dream of climbing the Dome de Neige and Barre des Ecrins, the two most iconic summits of the Dauphine Alps. In this book, mountain guide Jean-Rene Minelli provides the keys to seven selected routes, some classics, others overlooked, providing detailed descriptions and photodiagrams.

The Vallouise face, formed by the scintillating slopes of the famous Glacier Blanc, is home to the ordinary route and its variants - magnificent climbs for those looking to do their first '4000er' or a high-altitude traverse: Dome de Neige des Ecrins, Barre des Ecrins, Barre Noire Couloir.

The Veneon face, criss-crossed by a harmonious array of rocky ridges and snowy couloirs, provides more secluded routes that will delight mountaineers looking to get away from the crowds: Grand Traverse of the Barre, Gaspard Route, Young Couloir, Col des Ecrins.

With its expert tips on preparation, strategy and gear, its practical information and historical overview, the introduction stresses the alpine nature of the climbs on the Dome and Barre des Ecrins. Each route is described in detail with times, an outline map and numerous photo diagrams.

+ Author: Jean-Rene Minelli
+ No of Pages: 214
+ Page Size: 125 x 175 mm
+ ISBN 13: 9782918824145
+ Languages: English and French
+ Publisher: JMeditions
+ Published Date: July 2013
+ Edition: 1st, Jul 2013
+ Binding: Paperback
+ Illustrations: colour photos
+ Weight: 220g

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