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Metolius - Rock Rings 3D, green
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Metolius - Rock Rings 3D, green

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Rock Rings 3D

Freihängendes Trainingsgerät zur Verbesserung der Athletik und Fingerkraft!

Rock Rings are an innovative, portable training device that allows you to get a great upper body workout. Rock Rings excel at pull-up related exercises as they allow supination and pronation of the arms and shoulders. Great for home or traveling as they can be hung up nearly anywhere.

+ Innovative, portable training device
+ Two independent units each with flexible, single-point suspension; allows rotation of joints for injury prevention
+ The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry
+ Fine texture
+ Good assortment of holds:
+ Large jug on top
+ 1 deep incut, 4-finger pocket
+ 1 4-finger flat edge
+ 1 3-finger pocket
+ Includes comprehensive instructions and training guide
+ 190 mm x 165 mm x 63 mm
+ Sold in sets of two: 5 lb. 4 oz. (2.4 Kg)

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