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Climbing Technology - Oval Trilockkarabiner Pillar Pro TGL Spring Bar, eloxiert
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Climbing Technology - Oval Trilockkarabiner Pillar Pro TGL Spring Bar, eloxiert

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Oval Trilockkarabiner Pillar Pro TGL Spring Bar, eloxiert

Leicht, sicher und vielseitig - heißgeschmiedeter Aluminium Oval-Trilockkarabiner mit Federstahl-Sicherheitsvorrichtung zur besseren Positionierung in der Einbindeschlaufe des Klettergurts!

Das ACL-System (Spring Bar) sichert den Karabiner gegen das Verdrehen in der Einbindeschlaufe und erhöht dadurch die Sicherheit.

+ Gewicht: 76 g
+ Haltewerte (längs/quer/Schnapper offen): 25 / 12 / 7 kN
+ Schnapperöffnung: 21 mm
+ Farbe: matt grau (Schnapper: silber/rot)
+ Heißgeschmiedet
+ Keylock-Verschluß (ohne Nase)
+ Made in Italy

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, triplex gate and elevated workloads. Particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall.

+ Oval shaped for optimal positioning of pulleys and clamps, shaped for better grip during use
+ It features an elevated workload on minor axis: 12 kN
+ New improved section in the most used points, for an increased resistance during the contact with the equipment and rope
+ ACL system, which allows you to attach it to the belay loop on the harness, stabilizing it and preventing the possibility of cross loading
+ Catch-free closure that prevents accidental snagging during use
+ Colour: mat grey / silver gate / red sleeve
+ Weight: 76g
+ Strength: 25 / 12 / 7 kN
+ Gate opening: 21 mm
+ Made in Italy

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