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Kong - Frog Cable, black
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Kong - Frog Cable, black

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Frog Cable

Hier gibt es den Frog Cable einzeln, am besten wird er mit einem Schraubglied fixiert.

+ Bruchlast längs: 26kN
+ Gewicht: 50 g
+ Farbe: schwarz

This new connector upsets the concept of carabiner thought as a hook.

With an innovating approach, that characterizes KONG, comes out Frog, a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping that takes place touching the anchor point.

Produced after a hard design in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan, Frog is a totally new connector, both in the appearance and in the mechanism.

Frog makes obsolete the concept of a carabiner thought as a "hook".

The insertion is extraordinary quick and safe, even in "far" anchor points, not easy to be reached with standard connectors.

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