DMM - Phantom Express-Set, 18cm

DMM - Phantom Express-Set, 18cm
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Phantom Express-Set

Das Phantom-Set ist noch leichter als das Shield Express Set. Für Kletterer, die keinen unnötigen Ballast am Gurt haben wollen.

+ Bruchlast längs: 23 kN
+ Bruchlast offen: 9 kN
+ Bruchlast quer: 7 kN
+ Schnapperöffnung: 20 mm
+ Länge: 18 cm
+ Gewicht in 18 cm: 68 g

DMM Phantom from DMM Climbing on Vimeo.

The Phantom Quickdraw is the lightest full strength set on the market and sets the standard for lightweight draws.

We have created a quickdraw set that weighs less than 50g, is easy to handle and has a supersafe 9kN gate open strength.

We have managed to do this by using our unique experience in working with aluminium alloys to hot forge the deep I-beam shape. This allows us to move the metal to exactly where it is needed and away from where it is not. We also use a new high strength alloy on this product.

A deep, steep basket forces the rope to the back bar where the carabiner is strongest and where we also build in a rope friendly groove to help keep the rope in the correct position.

The hook on the nose has been made as small as possible to minimise the possibility of gear snagging on the recess and loading the biner away from the back.

The 'even tension' gate gives a consistent feel and the subtle curves mean that the gate pulls securely into the nose when loaded and the chances of the rope unclippping itself when back-clipped are significantly reduced.

The draws come on colour coded 11mm dyneema in 12cm, 18cm and 25 cm lengths and all have a rubber tadpole on the rope end to keep the biner orientated correctly.
A beautiful biner that along with the Shadow and Shield really set the standard for other companies to follow,

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