DMM - Expressschlinge Alpha Sport QD Set, 12cm, red

DMM - Expressschlinge Alpha Sport QD Set, 12cm, red
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Alpha Sport Quickdraw 12 cmDie edle Alpha Serie gibt es in der Alpha Sport Variante als perfektes Sportkletter-Express-Set!Beim Alpha Sport Set lag das Hauptaugenmerk auf beste Bedienbarkeit beim Sportklettern. Es gibt kein Express-Set bzw. Karabiner welche einfacher zu clippen sind. Die etwas breitere Schlinge lässt sich beim Routen ausbouldern einfacher greifen.Details: Karabiner: + Haltewerte (längs/quer/Schnapper offen): 24 / 8 / 9 kN + Gewicht: 45 g + Schnapper Öffnung: 25 mm Express-Set: + Gewicht: 104 g + Schlinge: 12 cm / 16 mmWouldn’t it be great if, in that heart-in-mouth grip-clip moment, you knew that at least the quickdraw was on your side?When we designed the Alpha Clip we were determined to produce the most ‘clip friendly’ biner ever made. The bent gate, with its flared-out barrel shape works in perfect harmony with the kinked and groove-patterned back bar. It just feels so right, handles so well, and most importantly the rope always goes in first time. Try it out and you’ll see what we mean. The Alpha Clip is available as the Alpha Sport Quickdraw. This combines the Alpha Pro at the bolt/peg end and the Alpha Clip left to handle the rope. A sport quickdraw can get a lot of abuse, particularly on redpoints where repeated falls are taken; with this in mind we made a robust sling section to suit the situation. The 26mm variable width nylon gives the perfect set up. It is easy to grab if you are bolt-to-bolting your way up to the belay during a redpoint practice session. The sling also tapers down to a neat 16mm ensuring it sits securely in the crook of the biner and always loads correctly.Features: + The ultimate bent gate, sport climbing biner + Exceptional ‘clipability’ + Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction + Safer, deeper rope basket + Easy to handle, grippy shape + Generous 8.5mm rope radius + Clean nose profile to reduce snagging + Available as the Alpha Sport, a vari-width nylon quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths + Injection-moulded keeper on quickdraw – ensuring the biner is easy to clip and correctly aligned, and that the webbing is protected from abrasion Specifications: Carabiner: + Strength (closed gate): 24kN + Strength (open gate): 9kN + Strength (minor axis): 8kN + Weight: 45g + Gate opening: 25mm Quickdraw: + Total weight: 104g + Sling: 12cm / 16m
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